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All in one CAD/CAM/OLP for industrial robots

Experience the innovative all-in-one software suite for complex and creative robotic tasks

SprutCAM X Robot

Offline robot programming (OLP) workflow


Design with integrated CAD or import 3D models

CAM generate toolpath

Generate the optimal toolpaths for robotic milling coming from the advanced CAM software, SprutCAM X, customized for robots. As well as robot-specific toolpaths

OLP manage robot kinematics

Handle singularities, collisions, reach zone limits and control redundant axes movements with dedicated tools

Simulation with Digital Twin

Simulate a robotic cell of any complexity with high resolution and smoothness


Generic and tailor-made postprocessors

Pre-Launch Verification

Leverage the power of G-code verification

MachineMaker: zero-code digital twin builder

With SprutCAM X Robot, end users and integrators can create an accurate, real cell with equipment and production components in a virtual environment, and simulate all robot functions on screen. The quality of simulation and detailing of digital twins in SprutCAM X Robot is second to none.

A wide range of certified postprocessors for most makes and models of robots guarantee error-free code. The SprutCAM X Robot library of kinematic diagrams supports the largest selection of industrial robot brands. And with the MachineMaker app, you can quickly create an accurate kinematic model of each robot cell.

Zero code in SprutCAM X Robot

Supported machines and peripherals

Industriële robots worden ondersteund door SprutCAM X Robot

Industrial robots

Zware industriële robots worden ondersteund door SprutCAM X Robot

Heavy-Duty Robots

Cobots worden ondersteund door SprutCAM X Robot


Eindeffectoren worden ondersteund door SprutCAM X Robot

End effectors

Railsen worden ondersteund door SprutCAM X Robot


Draaitafels worden ondersteund door SprutCAM X Robot

Rotary tables

worden ondersteund door SprutCAM X Robot

Stationary objects


Take advantage of offline robot programming: Go beyond traditional simple applications such as pick-and-place. Discover new opportunities with improved milling, multi-axis cutting, additive and hybrid manufacturing technologies.

Robotfrezen met SprutCAM X Robot

Robot milling

3—5D milling with redundant axes support
Robotsnijden met SprutCAM X Robot

Robot cutting

Miltiaxis cutting with precise tool vector control
Additief met SprutCAM X Robot


3—5D cladding with advanced layer thickness control
Pick and place met SprutCAM X Robot

Pick and place

Collision-free automatic pick-and-place
Sculptuur/steen voorbewerken met SprutCAM X Robot


Stone roughing, disk tool, advanced 5D finishing for mesh models
Robotlassen met SprutCAM X Robot

Robot welding

Simple easy-to-use solution for welding programming
Spuiten met SprutCAM X Robot

Spray painting

Simulate and test your painting on your PC
Polijsten met SprutCAM X Robot


Tool-to-part and part-to-tool supported

Pioneering technologies for additive and hybrid manufacturing using robots.

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